Sep 29, 2020

Location: London based stadiums (Wembley & Tottenham)
The challenge

To provide Executive and VIP transport for NFL Players, Owners, Wives, Sponsors and Cheerleaders across all UK games in September and October. Transport is required to and from Airports, Media Venues, Restaurants and Stadiums. Vehicle requirements range from cars to double-decker coaches, all to be of a very high standard.

The response

The scale of this operation has historically utilised the majority of our Clarkes of London depot’s resources. We begin planning for the event in February, providing logistics support and reconnaissance reports to our client. During the event, we typically use 20-30 coaches per day with up to 50 coaches being used on game days.

We create driver handbooks that include approach and exit routes for each venue as well as contingency routes in the event of road closures or unexpected emergencies. When new venues are used such as Tottenham Hotspur Stadium which was redesigned and rebuilt last year, we work closely with their security and logistics teams to agree on best transport practices.

The contract manager and operations staff will be on-site during game days to assist with the arrival and departures of all vehicles and can set up one of our coaches as a mobile office to have constant on-site monitoring of the whole fleet. The on-site team will have continuous communication with our depot to share traffic info and any other relevant updates.

Post-event we provide all pre-agreed MI to our client and have a debrief to ensure all parties are happy.

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