Our Safety

More than anything else, we value the safety of our customers, employees and the community. Nothing we do is worth getting hurt for and we will not do anything which causes harm.

National Express Transport Solutions has a strong commitment to safety and the environment and has invested heavily in training to ensure that the whole team fully understand and buy into the policies and procedures that have been adopted.

Our Safety Value: The safest mass transit operator in the communities we serve.

Our vehicle safety

To provide passenger peace of mind our entire fleet is fitted with alco-lock units. These require our drivers to blow a clear sample of breath into an analyser machine before the vehicle will start. We have a ‘zero tolerance’ drug and alcohol policy.

In addition, all of our vehicles are fitted with the very latest driver telematics system which allows us to monitor driver behaviour and alerts us to any unsafe driver manoeuvres. Real-time data captured every time one of our coaches is driven is used as part of our ongoing Driver Development Programme – which aims to improve driving standards and reduce accident risk.

Each vehicle undergoes rigorous and regular safety inspections, including a “first use” inspection every morning before departure. To further enhance the safety of our coaches all our vehicles are fitted with CCTV and tracking devices making sure no stone is unturned. All our drivers are trained in the technique of defensive driving. Risk assessments are prepared and reviewed throughout our business for all aspects of our work and comprehensive safe working practices devised and communicated throughout the team.

Professional and friendly drivers

Our dedicated team of drivers have a wealth of knowledge and experience; and when it comes to transporting groups, we are the experts. Each member of our driver team has gone through a rigorous selection procedure to ensure that only those with exceptional customer service skills can join our successful and professional team. All drivers have a high level of training and are fully DBS checked. Choosing drivers with the right personality is key to our customers receiving the kind of care and attention they deserve.

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