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Sep 29, 2020

See Tickets – Glastonbury, 2014-Present
Location: Nationwide transportation to Glastonbury


To provide circa 900 vehicles from all over the UK to support the transportation of 45,000 passengers to Glastonbury - with the furthest point of travel being from Edinburgh. As part of the coach service, we are required to ensure all passengers who board are issued with their entry ticket to the festival.

Our Transport Solution

Due to the volume of the requirement, we will source and secure vehicles a year prior to the event to ensure we are able to meet the client’s needs. We will keep in contact with the client throughout the year to ensure that any changes in locations or additional requirements are sourced immediately.

We will also create an operational plan to support the staggered arrival of the coaches on-site so that all 900 coaches are not arriving at once into the coach park. Pickup locations are assessed to ensure that they are suitable for the coaches to park and for passengers to safely board.

The account manager and support team will be on-site at Glastonbury to assist with the arrival and departure of the coaches. We are responsible for ensuring that all tickets are delivered to the operators in a timely manner and they have the correct quantities. We will also ensure that all operators have been provided with a copy of their work tickets.

On the days of departures, we also have a support team based in the office from the first departure until the last arrival. We maintain close contact with the Client and on-site managers throughout the day to ensure all is running smoothly. Post-event we continue to offer support to the Client and passengers. We receive a high volume of lost property calls which we handle and respond to as quickly as possible.

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