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Whether you’re looking for a shuttle service for your workplace or to hire a coach for a special occasion or trip; our carbon calculator can help you work out the total emissions of your journey, and opt for greener modes of transportation.

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Select journey type Total distance of journey (miles) Number of Trips Number of passengers Our standard coaches carry a minimum of 24 passengers

Your journey's emissions when travelling by...

Coach -
National Rail -
Average Electric Car -
Average Hybrid Car -
Average Diesel Car -
Average Petrol Car -


Greenhouse gas emissions are expressed in Carbon Dioxide equivalents (CO2e) per passenger kilometre (km). g CO2e = grams of Carbon Dioxide equivalents. g CO2e/passenger km for the modes of transport shown above are:

33.5 g - Coach
43.1 g - National Rail
43.4 g - Electric Car (1 person)
195.2 g - Diesel Car (1 person)
206.0 g - Petrol Car (1 person)

Source data for the different modes of transport is from the DfT and can be found on the government website in table ENV0701 at:

Carbon Equivalence

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