Our Vision, Purpose and Values



The world's greenest mass transport provider



We are the UK's safest transport provider



Customers are at the heart of everything we do



We are committed to helping our people to reach their full potential



We are making a difference in our local communities

Our core values

To earn the lifetime loyalty of our customers by consistently delivering frequent, high performing public transport services which offer excellent value.

Our Vision and Values were launched in 2011 to show who we are as a business and how we operate. These have been refreshed in 2020 to represent our new ambitions and growth of the business in a new decade.

Being part of the National Express Group, our vision is to be the world’s premier mass transit operator that customers trust and value. Our services offering safety, reliability and environmental standards which are rooted from a belief that driving modal shift from cars to mass transit is essential to a safe, green and prosperous future.

Our Purpose is to make mass transit an increasingly attractive option for all our customers. We seek to do this by earning our customers loyalty by providing safe, reliable and great value multi-modal services on clean and green vehicles.

Our Approach to achieve this is to seek social and environmental leadership to ensure we are a good employer and partner, whilst using technology to increase our accessibility, safety and efficiency on our services. It is this model of progressive partnership that delivers industry-leading services for our customers and communities, secures rewarding careers and futures for our people and produces sustainable returns for our shareholders.


The leader in every market we operate in, trusted to deliver service excellence, consistently

By being excellent in all areas of the business, we will meet customer expectations, deliver industry-leading services, be a company people are proud to work for and act as a willing and constructive partner. We also believe that Excellence means we are as cost-efficient as we can be.

We launched Excellence as a fifth Value because we want all parts of the business to focus on quality and excellence.


The safest mass transit operator in the communities we serve.

We value the safety of our customers, employees and the public. This priority is reflected in our policies and behaviours – it’s the way we do business.

Responsibilities for managing our performance rests with the managing director and Chief Executive Officer. Safety performance is reported monthly and regularly to the board.

Our Driving Out Harm programme sets the safety standards for the business and our employees. The right training is key to engaging our people so they have an understanding of safety matters and take responsibilities for managing risks.


The most trusted and valued mass transit partner

Customers are at the heart of everything we do. We continue to work to achieve their lifetime loyalty by delivering excellent services and improving the customer journey.

Each business division has its own customer charter which is designed to be tailored to its operations. These contain our commitments on matters such as safety, value for money, communications with customers, service reliability, punctuality and vehicle maintenance.

  • We strive to provide a reliable and high-quality service for all of our customers from start to finish in their journey with us.
  • We will regularly enter into dialogue with our customers to maintain and develop our services.
  • We will regularly invest in our facilities to enhance our customer experience.
  • We aim to address social exclusion by providing access to public transport for people who are less able to use it.


We develop the talents, reward the exceptional performance and respect the rights of all our employees. The place to work in mass transit.

Delivering on our Vision and for our customers is only possible if National Express Transport Solutions is a good place to work. We recognise that our workforce is our greatest asset and we want each of our employees to reach their full potential and to give their best.

Our commitment to our people includes:

  • We will ensure that all of our employees are treated fairly, offered equality of opportunity and we will promote diversity.
  • We fully recognise the right to organised representation of workers.
  • We have a zero-tolerance approach to harassment, victimisation or bullying.
  • We encourage and promote an optimal working environment for all of our employees.

Community and Environment

We are active in the communities we serve to generate economic, social and environmental value. The world’s greenest mass transit operator; a trusted partner in the communities we serve.

As a transport company, we don’t just move vehicles. We are proud to play a vital part in our communities – whether that’s getting people to work, taking them to see loved ones, effectively managing our environmental impact or, above all, taking children safely to and from school.

Directly through the services we offer and through the jobs we provide, we are making a difference in our communities. Our responsibilities to the wider community also embrace our environmental impacts.

At National Express Transport Solutions, we support a number of charities throughout the year whether this is transport, brand awareness or through various fundraising activities. We are also part of the National Express Foundation that supports young people to succeed in life.

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