Thames Valley Park Case Study

Sep 30, 2020

Thames Valley Park Shuttle Bus: October 2012 – current
8 Bus operation to shuttle Corporate Passengers from Reading Rail heads to the Business park
Location: Reading (Thames Valley)
The challenge

To provide a high-class transport provision that exceeds the image of a bus operation to meet the demands of the business park users and park owners, this is currently Savills, previously QVA. We have since 2012 delivered this service and continue to enjoy a trusted relationship with the park owners.

The service at its peak made >50,000 passenger movements per month serving Reading mainline station and Winnersh Triangle station on the outskirts of the town. The service has high patronage by park residence businesses that include Microsoft, Oracle, Regus, Hewlett Packard, and the BBC as well as many smaller businesses in nested units. The park places the service in high standing as it positively encourages its use to help to improve the environmental standing of the whole location as it offers users a quick transfer from station to Park giving an alternative to car use.

The response

Stewarts coaches work closely with the park management to deliver an efficient service that meets the demand of its users. We meet regularly at the Park Occupiers Meeting to discuss a wide range of park driven objectives where we deliver monthly usage data and analyse trends. The park management has expressed an interest in exploring further the conversion of this service to an electric bus model and we are working closely with them to advance this in the next couple of years.

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