Thames Valley Park Case Study

Oct 16, 2023

Since 2012, Thames Valley Park has enjoyed a bespoke corporate transport service layered with technology, to optimise the service while measuring, tracking and reducing their Scope 3 CO2 emissions.

From transit scans to our bespoke data-driven commute programme, TVP benefits from the full Trio suite. The combination of our ground transport expertise and Trio gives Savills the confidence that businesses on location are being serviced to an exceptionally high standard, whilst pursuing electrification.


Thames Valley Park (TVP) is a business park amongst 80 acres of nature reserve based on the outskirts of Reading in Berkshire. Home to various office buildings with ample space to hold corporate events, TVP proves to be the ideal location for workplaces of all kinds. Stewart's Coaches, part of National Express Transport Solutions were selected to provide a top-class corporate shuttle service to TVP, with the vision that the service exceeds the standard image of a typical public transport operation.

Since 2012 Stewarts Coaches has run Thames Valley Park’s complimentary staff shuttle service and continues to enjoy a trusted relationship with the park owners, Savills, previously QVA. TVP’s tenants include Microsoft, Oracle, Regus, Hewlett Packard, and the BBC as well as a range of businesses in nested units. Information on the complimentary shuttle service can be found here.


Our Transport Solution

As one of the largest business parks in the South-East, operational reliability is of top priority. Thames Valley Park’s staff shuttle service was introduced to provide easy access and meet the demands of business park users. The park is serviced by a bespoke bus wrapped in the park's unique purple branding to distinguish it from other services that run along the route. 

To do so, the Stewart’s Coaches operations team works closely with Thames Valley Park management to deliver an efficient service that meets the demand of its users. TVP’s account manager in turn meets regularly at the Park Occupiers Meeting to discuss a wide range of park-driven objectives where monthly usage data and trend analyses are delivered. 

The staff shuttle service is placed in high standing, with TVP positively encouraging uptake on the services to help improve the environmental positioning of the whole location as it offers users a quick transfer from the station(s) to Park giving an alternative to car use. At its peak, the service has made more than 50,000 passenger movements per month serving Reading mainline train station and Winnersh Triangle train station on the outskirts of the town.


Thames Valley Park and Trio

Using the complete Trio suite, Stewart's Coaches adopts a data-first approach in the running of TVP’s transport services. 


In building and maintaining TVP’s transport services, the local area of Reading, is regularly reviewed using our industry-leading TransitScan technology. This involves utilising numerous data sets to grasp an understanding of where business park staff are travelling to and from. 

This data is then compared with existing public transport networks, both bus and rail, around the park, guaranteeing there is a seamless integration with surrounding networks. In doing so, TVP has the confidence that the service is adaptable to changing commuting needs and ensures the staff shuttle service is delivered to an exceptionally high standard.

Click here to download our Trio guide and find out more



Stewart's Coaches are working closely with TVP’s management to advance the conversion of the staff shuttle service into an electric fleet within the next couple of years.

Amid TVP’s pursuit of electrification, their dedicated account manager continues to engage with employees on the site to understand their needs and encourage climate-positive commuting. This is to ensure that we continue to provide a reliable service once electrification has been achieved.


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