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Our ambition is to be the world's greenest mass transit provider

A quarter of the UK’s carbon emissions come from the transport sector. Pre-pandemic, cars & taxis generated 55% of domestic transport emissions in the UK. In spite of this, coaches are already a more sustainable way to travel with less greenhouse gas emissions per passenger kilometre than other modes of transport.

The fundamental issues of congestion and pollution will simply not go away. With demand for transport expected to increase by 30% by 2030, there is an ever-present need for a reduction in carbon emissions.

A modal shift is the single most important driver of reduced emissions and congestion. At National Express Transport Solutions, our ambition is to be the world's greenest mass transit provider. The National Express Group has committed to a Net Zero target of Scope 1 and 2 Emissions by 2040, click here to find out more.


 Coaches are one of the greenest ways to travel


Environmental leadership & ambitious targets

  • National Express Group has committed to a Net Zero target of Scope 1 and 2 Emissions by 2040
  • We will move our coach fleet fully to zero emission vehicles by 2035


Ultra-Low Emission Zone


The Ultra-Low Emission Zone (ULEZ) was introduced into Central London from April 2019 and was extended to Inner London from October 2021.

The ULEZ’s aim is to encourage the use of eco-friendly transport options, such as coaches, within the capital.

Sources and references

Coach vs other forms of transport_Passenger CO2 emissions

Greenhouse gas emissions are expressed in Carbon Dioxide equivalents (CO2e) per passenger kilometre (km). g CO2e = grams of Carbon Dioxide equivalents.

g CO2e/passenger km for the modes of transport shown above are:

33.5 g - Coach
43.1 g - National Rail
43.4 g - Electric Car (1 person)
195.2 g - Diesel Car (1 person)
206.0 g - Petrol Car (1 person)

Source data for the different modes of transport is from the DfT and can be found on the government website in table ENV0701.

Lord Wandsworth College

Here’s how one of our customers, Lord Wandsworth College benefits from using our coaches on their school shuttle run:

All passengers are assumed to be single occupancy car

All data from Department for Transport Statistics Emissions from journeys across the United Kingdom, by mode, 2021.



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