Met Police

Sep 24, 2020

MET POLICE – Notting Hill Carnival 2008 to 2019 / Extinction Rebellion 2019
Approx. value: 2 day event, 165 vehicles / 12 days event, 130 vehicles
Location: London

We have successfully delivered the MET Police contract from 2008 to – present. Throughout the contract, we have supported ad hoc private hires along with large scale events such as the 2019 Donald Trump visit to London, New Years eve transport support, Extinction Rebellion, 2012 Olympics, Notting Hill Carnival.

The challenge

To successfully deliver ground transport requirements for Notting Hill Carnival and Extinction Rebellion and to carry out the movement of MET Police Officers throughout London.

Notting Hill Carnival is a two-day event that takes place in August. The requirement year on year is to supply circa 165 vehicles to transport circa 4000 police officers per day from all major Police Stations to Notting Hill. Throughout the two days, 326 drivers are used with a total of circa 2000 hours of manpower.

During 2019 we were required to supply 130 vehicles and 260 drivers over a 12 day period throughout London to support the transporting of officers to locations where protests were taking place. We were responsible for transporting circa 575 police officers per day.

We are required to remain reactive throughout the period of hire as changes are made daily to pickup locations and destinations, so our operations team needed to ensure we had cover 24 hours per day. All drivers supplied for large scale events are to undertake rigorous security checking so we are to ensure all details required are provided to the Client within a timely manner.

The response

Daily contact is maintained between the Account Manager and Project Lead at MET Police to ensure a full understanding of the requirements and that changes and requests are responded to within a 24 hour period. A project team is immediately created for these large scale events to ensure a personal service level was provided. All of our partner operators were contacted to gather interest in working with us on the event as well as reserving a number of our own vehicles and drivers for the duration.

Due to the nature of Notting Hill Carnival, we start the operational planning alongside the Client approximately two months prior to the event. We are required to supply circa 80-85 vehicles per day each with two drivers, we carry out route planning to ensure we are running to maximum efficiency and that drivers’ hours do not overrun.

Extinction Rebellion required a reactive approach, we had three days notice to secure the 130 vehicles and 260 drivers to cover the Clients needs.

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