Eaton House Schools Group

March, 2024

Eaton House Schools Group
Location: London

Eaton House Schools Group in London have a number of transport requirements for their West London sites that include:

Two daily home to school transport services to and from Parsons Green

Daily sports class shuttle to and from Battersea Park SW11 4NJ

Ad-hoc transport to educational sites throughout the year

The transport contract was won in September 2016 and National Express Transport Solutions has continued to successfully work with Eaton House Schools Group.  

Our Transport Solution

In order to meet the seating capacity required for Eaton House School, National Express Transport Solutions acquired a dedicated 70-seater coach. To successfully fulfil the contract, our in-house training department route trained 2 drivers specifically for Eaton House's requirements providing the client a familiar team who know exactly what is required and expected on a daily basis and can adapt as and when required to the needs of the customer The coach was fitted with a personalised number plate for the school which is well received by the staff at Eaton House. 

A dedicated  Account Manager assigned to the school provides a direct contact to assist with all ad-hoc travel arrangements, regular carbon emission and data reporting and operational communications. 

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