Eaton House Schools Group

Sep 29, 2020

Eaton House Schools Group
Location: London
The challenge

Eaton House Schools Group in London had a number of requirements that included:

  • Daily school transport to and from Parsons Green

  • Daily sports class shuttle to and from Battersea Park SW11 4NJ

  • Ad-hoc transport to educational sites throughout the year

The transport contract was won in September 2016 and National Express Transport Solutions has since been re-awarded.

The response

In order to meet the seating capacity required for Eaton House School, National Express Transport Solutions acquired an 80 seat double-decker (a new addition to their fleet). To successfully fulfil the contract, our Training Team also and route trained 2 drivers specifically for the contract. To add an extra touch to the contact, the coach has also been fitted with a personalised number plate for the school which has been well received by the staff at Eaton House.

To ensure that the booking process throughout the duration of the contract remains as smooth as possible, our teams provided Eaton House School with a price list by London Zone which also included the most popular destinations outside of London e.g. PGL sites, Zoos, Castles, etc.

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