Conservative Election Campaign

March 2024

Two private coaches parked up for the 2010 Conservative Election Campaign
Conservative Party Election Campaign 2010, 2015 and 2019
Location: UK Wide

During the 2010, 2015 and 2019 UK Election Campaigns, the Kings Ferry - part of National Express Transport Solutions, was called on to provide secure transportation to the Conservative Party.

In 2019, Kings Ferry provided 2 VIP style coaches. Both wrapped in the livery specified by the Conservative Party. Similarly to previous years transporting the Conservative party around the UK, for 23 consecutive days in their bespoke Battle Bus.

In 2010 and 2015 providing then-leader, David Cameron and his election team secure transportation for 28 consecutive days, David Cameron and his team would require transportation around the UK in their own bespoke Battle Bus. 

Our Transport Solution

Due to the high-profile nature of the client and the hire, the Kings Ferry took on a confidential and proactive approach.10 months prior to the campaign, the party worked closely with their dedicated project manager and team to ensure a robust transportation and contingency plan were put in place. 

It was imperative that all planning for this hire remained confidential between Kings Ferry and The Conservative Party to ensure that both drivers and passengers were not placed at any unnecessary risk. Kings Ferry drivers were subjected to security clearance checks 2 months prior to the hire, with stand drivers also undergoing checks to account for any driver illnesses during the hire.

The project team arranged for the wrapping of all vehicles in the livery specified by the Conservative Party, while the interior of the primary vehicle was modified to suit the needs of all passengers travelling. 

Our transport solution utilised two VIP coaches, two 28-seat executive coaches and two mini-buses. Vehicle positioning was required whilst the VIPs travelled by train or by air and all vehicles were in operation 24/7.

David Cameron RT Hon, Leader of the Conservative Party:

“Thank you to all the staff at National Express Transport Solutions for all your hard work and the commitment your business demonstrated throughout the recent General Election campaign. It is clear to me that as a British business, National Express Transport Solutions has been exemplary in both commitment and professionalism throughout the campaign. Every day was superbly coordinated and executed and I am truly grateful to you and all your staff for quite literally keeping the campaign on the road. In particular, the final 36-hour campaign was superbly coordinated, even down to the changing of drivers. I know that we drove hundreds of miles during that time and that we simply would not have achieved such an ambitious target if it were not for the commitment that your drivers and operations team provided.”

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