10 Group Activities To Try In The New Year

Published: 6th December 2023

Looking for something different to do with your group of friends in the New Year? We’ve rounded up 10 of the best group activities for you to try, because after all ‘New Year, New You’, right? 

You won’t even need to worry about how to get there as we’re experts in group travel so all you need to do is round up your mates, pick an activity and we can take it from there. 

1. Round up the gang for a themed bottomless brunch

There are so many bottomless brunches to enjoy, it can be hard to know where to start. From drag brunches to musical brunches and even celebrity-themed brunches - there’s a world of bottomless brunches out there. Whether you choose brunch at your local bar or want to venture further afield, we can get your group there. No designated drivers are needed! 

2. Discover a hidden skill with axe throwing

Axe throwing is fast becoming a popular group activity. It may look simple but it’s harder than it looks. Why not round up for mates for an activity out of the ordinary? This activity makes a great hen or stag do too! 

3. Upgrade your darts game with interactive darts

Bored of the darts you find in the pub? Interactive darts will soon become your new favourite. Flight Club is the home of this new craze where you can play games on the dartboard to try and beat your opponents. 

4. It’s a hole-in-one with adventure golf

Adventure golf is a classic group activity and there are so many themes to try across the UK. From Pirate Golf to Fairground themes, no matter which you choose you’re sure to have fun with your group. 

5. Explore the cocktail menu at a rooftop bar

Whether you’re a fan of fruity, smoky or non-alcoholic types of cocktails, they always taste better on a rooftop bar in the sun. Especially when you’re with a big group of your favourite people. Plus with group coach hire there’s no need to pull straws on who’s the driver. 

6. Think Ninja Warrior looks easy? Why not try out an obstacle course

Have you and your friends sat at home watching Ninja Warrior UK or Total Wipeout thinking ‘Yeah, I could do that, it’s easy!’. Well, here’s your chance to prove yourself right! Take on the rest of your group and see who can complete your chosen course the quickest. Don’t forget to hire a minibus to get you there and back. 

7. Test out your culinary skills with a cooking class

Give Paul Hollywood a run for his money with The Big London Bake or show off your Sushi making skills for a group activity like no other. Challenge your group to a cooking competition and see who comes out on top. 

8. Sing to your hearts’ content at karaoke

There’s nothing quite like a group karaoke session. Whether you choose to belt out your favourite songs in front of an audience or prefer to keep it to yourselves in a private room, karaoke is a popular group activity. 

9. Release your inner child at the arcade

Whether you’re a dab hand at Air Hockey or you head straight for the penny machines, an arcade is a great place to create group memories. Gather your friends, set the destination and enjoy coach hire to an arcade of your choice. We hear Bournemouth is always a popular choice! 

10. Visit a new restaurant

Do you always stick to the same restaurant for special occasions? Why not mix it up and try something different? Whether it’s sushi, steak or veggie restaurants, the UK has a wide variety of cuisines to enjoy. So go on, make that group booking and hire a coach to get you there for the ultimate day out with friends.


Not only do you now have 10 new group activities to get stuck into you’ve also got your travel there and back sorted. We’ve got decades of experience in transporting groups to and from their chosen destinations so why not give us a call, drop us an email or request an online quote and leave the travel management to us?

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