Group airport transfers have never been easier!

Published: 5th April 2022

So you’ve agreed on your destination and your hotel and flights are all booked!

Now it’s time for the tricky part. The final step to making sure you have a stress-free group holiday…organising how you’re all getting to the airport.

Not to toot our own horn, but we think private coach and minibus hire is the best way to get your group from door to departure lounge!

Here are 5 reasons why…

Travel altogether

Booking a coach (or minibus) for you and your group means you get to travel together!

The perfect thing about hiring a coach or minibus for airport transfers is that you can accommodate multiple pick-ups and drop-off points at any major UK airport.

So there’s no need to keep tabs on everyone's ETA or worry about who has or hasn’t woken up just yet.

Instead, you all get to spend your time en route gearing up for the holiday!

Save money

What better way to kick off an international group trip than with a few extra pennies in your pocket?

Everyone saves on parking fees, leaving you with more money to spend on holiday souvenirs or in duty-free. What’s not to love about group travel?

Booking a coach together is the most cost-effective way to get a large group to the airport and back. Don’t believe us? Speak to one of our travel consultants today!

Enjoy stress-free travel

We know that being the designated driver for an important trip to the airport can be stressful.

There’s nothing worse than arriving back from a great holiday and having to carpool your mates home or wait around for airport taxis.

With airport coach hire there is no need to worry about which mate or family member can shuttle you to the airport.

Booking a private coach ensures that you get to the airport in enough time to browse duty-free, grab a bite and chill before your flight is even assigned to a gate.

Smooth journey

Airport transfers by coach guarantee you and your group a smooth journey.

With coach travel, there’s no need to endure the struggle of hauling your luggage up flights of stairs at your local station or finding a roomy space on the train for your group and all your luggage.

Coach luggage holds have enough room for an abundance of suitcases and the overhead storage means your hand luggage can be safely tucked away until you get to the airport.

What’s more, our comfortable coaches mean that you can catch some Zzz’s to and from the airport in a guaranteed seat without interruption.

Or if you fancy getting the party started, with our VIP coaches you can enjoy a drink or two en route to really kick start the fun!

There’s no group too big or small

Our access to 10,000 vehicles means there's no requirement for too complex or group too large. Departing from London Heathrow and arriving at East Midlands airport? Not a problem! A private hire coach or mini-bus is the ideal solution for you and your group!

National Express Transport Solutions is comprised of 9 coach companies across the UK meaning we’re best placed to get you and your group from door to departure lounge with ease.

For more information about hiring a coach, give our industry experts a call on 03301 358 469 or alternatively drop us an email or get a quick quote here!

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