Unlocking efficiency: 7 employee benefits to shuttle services

Published: 15th April 2024

Unlocking efficiency: 7 employee benefits to shuttle services


In the fast-paced world of today's workforce, where every minute counts and every convenience is cherished, the simple act of commuting to and from work can either be a source of stress or a welcomed respite. A staff shuttle service holds the potential to revolutionise the way employees experience their daily commute and, by extension, their work and home lives.

At National Express Transport Solutions, we believe in maximising productivity from the get-go. That's why we prioritise efficient travel for you and your team. Our Staff Shuttle Services have proven to not only optimise commute time but also supercharge productivity levels. They're not only transforming the way employees get to work but also contributing to a happier, more engaged workforce.

Here are some 7 key advantages awaiting you and your employees:
  1. Seamless and convenient transportation: Our comprehensive transport solutions ensure that getting from point A to B is a breeze for your staff. They'll arrive at your business park or venue safely and comfortably, without the stress of navigating traffic or finding parking spaces.

  2. Eco friendly commutes: Our shuttle services drastically cut carbon emissions, with a fully loaded double-decker coach removing up to 75 cars from the road.  By choosing our eco-friendly options, your business and your team contributes to a cleaner environment. Per passenger km, Coaches emit just 3% of carbon dioxide compared to cars' 56%, making your business a sustainability champion on the journey towards Net Zero and reducing your scope 3 emissions. By providing convenient and environmentally-friendly transportation options, you set yourself apart from competitors and attract top talent who value corporate social responsibility.

  3. Reduced stress, improving work life balance: By eliminating the hassle of commuting, employees can experience reduced stress associated with traffic congestion or navigating unfamiliar and difficult routes.  When you offer a reliable transportation option like a staff shuttle you are contributing to a better work-life balance for employees allowing them to spend more time with family and pursuing personal interests.

  4. Parking Relief: Say goodbye to parking woes. Our shuttle services reduce onsite parking needs, freeing up valuable space for other purposes and alleviating congestion. Employees no longer have to waste time circling car parks or worrying about finding a space.

  5. Accessibility: A staff shuttle can improve accessibility for employees who may not have access to reliable transportation, enabling a more diverse and inclusive workforce. This can mean both potential employees and employers can cast their recruitment net wider. Our shuttle services make it possible to attract skilled employees regardless of the distance to your main hub, enriching your talent pool.

  6. Joyful Commute = Enhanced Productivity: Say goodbye to lateness and absenteeism. Our reliable transportation options allow for morning catch-ups en route, fostering team camaraderie, morale, and ultimately, boosting work day productivity levels.

  7. Financial Savings: It's a win-win situation for all. Employees save on petrol or train fares, while businesses also trim down on land costs for parking spaces.


Incorporating our staff shuttle service isn't just about cost savings or environmental stewardship. It's about signalling your commitment to employee well-being and fostering a more efficient and united workplace culture.

Let's redefine your team's commuting experience and pave the way for a brighter, more cohesive future. Contact a member of our team today or download our staff shuttles guide.

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