5 reasons why employee shuttles are good for your business

Published: 27th March 2024

Employee shuttles provide businesses with a safe and secure transport solution. In response to a recent LinkedIn poll, 0% of all respondents currently commute via staff shuttles.

Here are 5 reasons why employee shuttles are a benefit to your business and your staff.

1. Confident Travel

For businesses and employees alike, organising safe transport and simply the act of travelling itself can be a source of stress particularly within the financial climate.

Our staff shuttle services are managed by industry experts who have vast route-planning and operational knowledge.

2. Contactless payments and passenger monitoring

There are a number of technologies available to support you while you support your employees! You can track vehicles, book & purchase seats and view management reporting data all from a single app or website.

At National Express Transport Solutions, we also include ‘passenger monitoring’ capabilities allowing businesses to book employees on vehicles themselves and monitor passenger levels and when individual passengers use the service.

3. Show you care

Providing your employees with a safe and secure means of transport shows that you care about their safety and well-being. This is a proven strategy that can improve team performance and productivity.

It is also great for boosting brand image, by showcasing to potential clients and prospective talent that your business holds its people in high regard.

4. Helps you hit your Scope 3 emissions targets

By offering a shuttle solution you’re already on your way to reducing your business’s Scope 3 emissions. It’s becoming more important for businesses to monitor and reduce their environmental footprint. Don’t worry if you’re unsure what Scope 3 emissions are and how they might impact your business. You can read our handy Scope 3 emissions guide for more details.

5. Bespoke routes tailored to your needs

Is using public transport on the daily commute causing issues with your staff getting into your place of work? Gone are the days of unreliable services and pick-up stops in remote locations. Staff Shuttles can offer an easy alternative to local bus or train services by tailoring routes to suit its passengers, aka your employees.

Alongside the benefits that we have already discussed, employee shuttles can provide your business with a wealth of added bonuses. These can range from improving staff punctuality to reducing your carbon footprint as well as a cost-saving exercise.

Here at National Express Transport Solutions, we want to help your business and your people commute to work confidently.

To speak to our team of experts, please call on 03301 358 469, or alternatively submit your details in our quote form and we will be in touch soon.

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