Sustainability as the differentiator

Published: 21st March 2024

As increasing numbers of organisations make the conscious decision to choose the more environmentally sustainable option, we aren’t far from sustainability efforts becoming the major purchasing differentiator for organisations. 

According to the Office of National Statistics, in 2020 24% of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions in the UK were estimated to be from the transport sector. The transport sector consists of emissions from road transport, railways, domestic aviation, shipping, fishing, and aircraft support vehicles.

Within road transportation, passenger cars are seen to be the most significant source of emissions within the transportation sector. Greenwashing accusations have resulted in calls for direct action and proof of sustainability claims. 

What are scope emissions?

Greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions are categorised into 3 scopes: 

  • Scope 1 - direct emissions from owned sources or controlled by the organisation. E.g. company-owned vehicles and facilities.
  • Scope 2 - emissions from the generation of the electricity purchased by the company.
  • Scope 3 - indirect value-chain emissions that include transport and distribution, investment, leased assets and employee commuting. 

As sustainability targets become the purchasing differentiator, reducing your carbon footprint will help to win your organisation's business. By adopting employee shuttles organisations can significantly reduce their scope 3 emissions and take measurable actions toward carbon reductions. 

Staff Shuttles

Amidst growing calls for carbon reductions from the government and climate regulatory bodies, there’s no doubt that reducing scope 3 emissions should be a  top priority for organisations of all sizes.

In an effort to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, the UK government recently fined over 30 companies for breaching climate change schemes put in place to meet net-zero emissions by 2050. It could be argued that employee shuttles reduce the likelihood of organisations incurring such fines. 

In addition to the reduction of scope 3 emissions, organisations stand to gain the following additional benefits from implementing employee shuttles:

  • Significantly reduce on-site car parking facilities
  • Gain the competitive edge - stand out to potential candidates 
  • Widen your recruitment catchment - attract skilled employees irrespective of the distance to the main working hub
  • Minimise absenteeism and lateness of employees
  • Improve productivity - cater to the working needs of staff

There’s no denying that providing your workforce with a safe, stress-free, and secure means of getting to work shows that you care about the well-being of your workforce, further boosting morale and productivity. 

It is clear to see that introducing an employee shuttle service is an effective solution to reducing scope 3 emissions and guaranteeing your team can travel to work in confidence. 

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