Happy World Carfree Day!

Published: 22nd September 2022

Every year on the 22nd of September, people across the world ditch their cars for the day and opt to walk or cycle to their destinations.

World Carfree Day is aimed at reducing pollution and encouraging walking and cycling in a safer and cleaner environment. Those participating can enjoy a hassle-free commute without motor traffic or pollution. 

Travelling further afield and in need of transport? We’re here for you! 

We understand that walking, cycling or driving may not always be the best option for heading to your destination. If you’re planning to travel further afield, choosing coach travel gives you the chance to reduce your carbon footprint.

Coaches are an environmentally friendly mode of transport and booking a coach for your group can greatly help you reduce your carbon footprint and congestion. 

The rationale behind this is simple; a coach full of passengers takes up far less space on the road compared to alternative modes of transport, i.e. travelling individually by car. 

The broader implication of fewer cars on the road has a great effect! Reduced road congestion allows average speeds to rise, which in turn allows engines to operate more efficiently, with lower fuel consumption and reduced emissions. 

Here’s an example journey of a coach full of people travelling from Birmingham to Wembley Stadium… 

45 people travelling by coach to Wembley Stadium results in the following avoided emissions: 

  • 3.006 tonnes of emissions in comparison to the average car (Diesel & Petrol) 
  • 1.913 tonnes of emissions in comparison to the average Hybrid Car 
  • 0.178 tonnes of emissions in comparison to the average electric car
  • 0.172 tonnes of emissions in comparison to National Rail

It's clear to see how substantial amounts of emissions can be avoided by hiring a coach!

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