Make the most of your school travel budget

Published: 26th January 2022

Schools are allocated budgets, a majority of which are designated to the cost of staffing and building costs, often leaving them with only a little to manage student transportation. We understand that school travel budgets are tight and need to be maximised.

Prior to the pandemic, total spending on education in the UK stood at over £40bn resulting in disrupted learning schedules. School improvement plans (SIP’s) ought to take into consideration the quality and effect of student transportation on educational outcomes. Poor school coach hire experience has often resulted in driver lateness, underwhelming trips, and unhappy students and staff.

Failing to allocate leftover budgets leaves schools at risk of losing them completely and having them redistributed to the following year. On one hand, it’s great having a budget left over, but on the other, it can be difficult to decide how to spend it before you risk losing it!

Our budget lodging scheme…

Here at National Express Transport Solutions, we’ve got the perfect solution for this. Our budget lodging scheme enables you to cost any leftover funds and allocate them to student transportation for the following year.

Say for instance next year’s GCSE Business Studies teaching specification requires students to understand businesses in the real world, you may feel your students would be best served by experiencing an Alton Towers educational workshop. The leftover budget from the current academic, financial, or calendar year could then be allocated toward student transportation for your upcoming trip!

What do you need to do?

Simply lodge your budget with us by telling us how much you have remaining and we’ll arrange an immediate invoice for you. We give you until the end of the following year (academic, calendar or financial) to use up the leftover budget. So no rush, if your destination changes.

Once you confirm your school term dates and requirements we will then deduct the cost of each trip you plan from the budget that you have ‘lodged’ with us until it has been used up.

So whether you’re part of a maintained primary, secondary or academy trust, our budget lodging scheme is ideal for you.

We know planning school trips for the summer term can be quite hectic. Our budget lodging scheme is here to take the stress away.

Need more information about how you can lodge your travel budget? You can submit a coach hire enquiry through our website quoting ‘Budget lodging scheme’ or if you would prefer to speak to our experts, call us on 03301 358 469 or email

At National Express Transport Solutions we have years of experience in providing school coach hire. Enter the academic year knowing that your school’s transport is organised to the safest and highest standards.

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