Lucketts Travel Trials Yutong Electric Coach

Published: 21st November 2022

Last month our Lucketts Travel depot in Fareham took the opportunity to trial Yutong’s TCe12 electric coach - the first fully electric zero-emission coach to become available in the UK.

Helping to reach our net zero sustainability targets

With our ambition to be the world’s greenest mass transit provider and move our coach fleet to zero-emission vehicles by 2035, the opportunity to trial the only model in the UK simply couldn’t be missed.

The TCe12 is called a zero-emission coach for a reason, as it produces 0 NOx, 0 CO2 and 0 other emissions. It has a 281Kwh battery, which provides a 200-mile range for coach journeys and is supplied with a 60Kwh, 90Kwh or 120Kwh DC charger, making a full charge possible in around 2 hours. The battery also comes with a market-leading 8-year warranty.

Internally, there is space for up to 50 passengers, with front and centre passenger doors. PSVAR specifications can be added to these electric vehicles when required too. Our driver Geoff was the lucky one to trial the coach, 

“I must say that this vehicle was smooth, comfortable to drive and very quiet, the clean environment of it all also. I was also impressed by the 200-mile range it has. The passenger feedback was good, nice comfortable seating, clean quiet smooth journey. All in all, very impressive”

Where we trialled the Yutong electric coach

The current range available on the Yutong TCe12, makes it the perfect vehicle for local staff transport and home to school services. Lucketts Travel subsequently trialled the coach on one of their staff shuttle services, which based on the feedback above, turned out to be a comfortable and successful journey for all on board.

As technology continues to evolve, the opportunity may soon arise for electric coaches to be utilised on longer journeys where passengers are travelling further afield.

Murray Carter, South Managing Director also shared his feedback: “As a business, we have a duty to combat climate change by introducing new technology to reduce emissions where possible. The trial of the Yutong EV was excellent and showed that an EV solution is perfect for our local regular routes and will definitely be a consideration for future coach purchases.”

The chance to experience an EV coach proves to be a promising step towards more sustainable travel for not only us as a company but the many clients that we work with.

Learn more about our sustainability targets.

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