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Operational Excellence
Leaders in the Market
3,059,673 passengers moved since inception in 2012 (250K+ per annum)
Since 2012, Thames Valley Park has enjoyed a bespoke corporate transport service layered with technology, to optimise the service while measuring, tracking and reducing their Scope 3 CO2 emissions.

From transit scans to our bespoke data-driven commute programme, TVP benefits from the full Trio suite. The combination of our ground transport expertise and Trio gives Savills the confidence that businesses on location are being serviced to an exceptionally high standard, whilst pursuing electrification.

We have shown significant scalability and flexibility with the client. This service was serviced by 7 buses PVR and we were able to scale down to offer the client a more appropriately run and financed operation. Since Covid, we have now scaled this operation back up to providing 5 vehicles to ensure we are able to facilitate more people commuting back into the offices.
Met Police
10,000 police officers transported during the King's coronation policing operation
National Express Transport Solutions regularly provides the Metropolitan Police with over 200 services in support of their training exercises and major policing operations. We have never let them down during our relationship and always work closely with them to ensure sufficient contingency is built into plans for large events.

The nature of the Metropolitan Police’s requirements continually calls for flexibility and preparedness, which our UK-wide regional infrastructure perfectly complements. The sheer scale of events and footfall that the Metropolitan Police deploy often results in continuous changes to fleet, timings, vehicle sizes and manpower. This requires an enterprising approach from our account managers and operational team. Our bespoke ground transport solutions see us supplying upward of 200+ vehicles to the Metropolitan police during any event. The quality of the drivers is a key point with regards to knowledge of London, professionalism and background checks being clear.
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212395 passengers moved since inception (Feb 21)
Since 2011, Stewarts Coaches has operated the SMaRT service for Bath Road Central business park that enables staff to hop on board an express service from Slough Station that takes them directly to the business park without the interference of other stops.
The service is comprised of some of Europe's biggest businesses, coming together to create a best-in-class service for their employees.
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50% increase year on year on brand new users to the service
Woods Coaches operate a demand-responsive transport (DRT) service in response to funding from Leciestershire City Council.

The Fox Connect service builds on Leicester’s existing DRT network while adding to the existing timetabled bus services in Leicester & Hinkley. This is to provide a lifeline to small villages that had experienced transportation cuts in previous years.
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We have been working with EHS for 10 years.
A relationship spanning over 10 years, National Express Transport Solutions provides Eaton House Schools Group with 2 home to school services, their middle of the day lunch runs as well as 2 x 49s which complete their swimming trips each Monday and any other adhoc transportation needs throughout the year. Drivers were trained specifically for Eaton House's requirements to provide the best service.
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“Stewarts Coaches, part of National Express Transport Solutions, provide a superb service to UCB and its staff and visitors to our Slough Campus. They deliver high-quality services using an excellent fleet, skilled staff and excellent managerial support allowing our staff to effortlessly connect with key public transport services.”
UK Facilities Management UCB
We did it! A moment in history!

Together we managed to support the largest deployment of policing in the history of the United Kingdom. Delivered within 10 days. Most days saw a minimum of 2000 officers deployed and 10,000 officers deployed on the final day.

This is a remarkable achievement of which, each and every one of you should be immensely proud of. Although a colossal of logistical challenges this will be an experience I will never forget, being part of the team and being able to represent all of you is as equally honourable.

I asked for a lot and you gave a lot, lot more!

Met Police
We have worked with Clarkes of London for more than 10 years now as our main coach provider. Clarkes of London epitomizes excellence in service delivery, with profound dedication to customer satisfaction. Their commitment to ensuring a seamless and comfortable experience ensuring all your needs are met sets the bar at the highest standard.
Eaton House

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10,000 police officers transported during the King's coronation policing operation
4,000 officers transported during Notting hill Carnival
10,000 officers transported during operation London Bridge


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