Sep 29, 2020

Kings Ferry Coach parked on snow lined road with alps in the background
HTS / Travelbound – 2010 – 2019 Ski and Summer educational tours/airport transfers
Locations: Nationwide travelling throughout Europe

The organisation and management of over 1000 vehicles per year for Ski tours, summer tours and airport transfers for schools throughout the UK. Over 420,000 miles were covered in 2019 and the movement of over 50,000 passengers.

Locations in Europe travelled to include:

The Netherlands

Our Transport Solution

The sole Account Manager liaises daily with this Client to arrange and book tours and airport transfers, with the support of our administration and operations team. We carry out vigorous itinerary checks to ensure operational & driving hours are adhered to along with checking the itinerary runs as smoothly as possible. Locations are checked to ensure parking is available for the coaches and where necessary parking is booked. We liaise closely with our operators to ensure they understand the Clients needs. A 24/7 operational team is available to support. Monthly MI Data is provided which includes monthly mileages, passengers etc. We calculate European Tolls and VAT per booking. Vehicle sizes provided ranged from minibuses to high capacity vehicles. Due to the volume of the requirement, all of our partner operators were contacted to coordinate working with us on the event, as well as, reserving a number of our own vehicles and drivers for the duration.

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