Leicester City FC | FA Cup Final 2021

The Kings Ferry, Lucketts and Solent coaches parked in the King Power Stadium carpark
The Kings Ferry, Lucketts and Solent coaches queued up outside Leicester City Football Club stadium
Leicester City FC, FA Cup Final, 2021
Location: Wembley Stadium

Following the announcement by the Government of a gradual introduction for live spectators, The FA Cup was selected as a trial event in conjunction with Public Health England to allow reduced capacity attendance.

National Express Transport Solutions were appointed by Leicester City FC to transport supporters to the fixture. The trial in conjunction with Public Health England stipulated that the large majority of supporters must travel by coach, to provide a controlled environment and reduce the spread of COVID.

Our Transport Solution

Due to social distancing, vehicles had a maximum capacity of 50%, resulting in a total of 155 vehicles required for transporting supporters. Due to the sheer quantity of vehicles involved, 2 collection points in Leicester were arranged. King Power Stadium hosted 100 vehicles and Enderby Park & Ride hosted 55 vehicles. 50% of vehicles were provided directly from our fleet and the remaining were arranged via our partner operators.

All supporters were required to provide a negative test result on arrival at their collection point, and once checked in, supporters were counted into holding pens in preparation for boarding their vehicle. National Express Transport Solutions supported manpower on the ground at both collection points. This was done to ensure the full brief of drivers over the requirements, the timely check-in of vehicles on arrival and to expedite an efficient departure of coaches within a 3-hour period.

On arrival at Wembley Stadium, members of National Express Transport Solutions staff met each vehicle ensuring vehicle numbers were assigned for passenger coordination for the return journeys. Additionally, full engineering contingency was in place at both Leicester and Wembley to ensure continued vehicle coverage, however, this was thankfully not required.

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