British Airways

Sep 29, 2020

British Airways, 2015 - 2020
Location: All BA UK operating airports
The challenge

Operating 13 buses 7 days per week to service BA key sites and transport hubs – various services including airside.
Operating 4 buses 7 days per week to service crew transport between car park, Premier Inn and T5

Ad-Hoc (Car/MPV/Coach)
– Provision of crew transport at key airports 7 days per week – EDI/GLA/MAN/NCL/INV but can be other regional airports if flights are diverted or to carry out engineering/positioning flights
– Provision of crew transport between key airports (BACF)
– Provision of transport for training crew between LGW-LHR
– Provision of airside transport for training crew
– Provision of ad-hoc requirements – VIP/special events/BA Directors
– Provision of transport for passenger disruption – any airport. This requires an immediate response as there is often very little notice that a flight has been cancelled or diverted. Transport can be for car/MPV or if multiple passengers – coaches

The response

This contract requires a dedicated team to mirror BA operations (24/7). The 24/7 Operations team at LHR oversee the bus service and they are required to ensure that all passes are applied for and maintained following the guidelines and regulations laid down by BA and HAL.

A dedicated team takes care of ad-hoc transport. The team are required to work on a shift rotation covering the hours of 07.00 – 23.00, 7 days per week. They are required to monitor the services and be available by telephone (there is a dedicated number for BA) or email for any issues that may arise.

Advance schedules are prepared and sent from BA/ground handlers and these have to be interpreted/loaded into the booking system and allocated to the appropriate service partner. Daily work reports are sent to all service partners who confirm all of the work allocated to them for the following day.

The Account Manager maintains a close relationship with all main stakeholders within BA and key UK suppliers. Monthly meetings take place to discuss bus services and resolve any issues. Annual visits take place to audit UK service partners in line with BA contractual requirements and visit BA stakeholders to review the service and contractual SLAs.

The success of this contract relies on the dedicated team looking after it and the personal attention given. There is a rigorous process for the selection of UK service partners, based on their ability to provide the best service and quality in line with The Kings Ferry’s expectations. Building close, successful relationships with BA stakeholders inspires confidence that the BA team can deliver an exceptional service.

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